Energy Insider Interview Series: Insights from Senator Lisa Murkowski

People can argue about who the single most powerful voice in Congress is these days, but there is little debate that Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski is a key part of the conversation. Last year, Senator Murkowski was one of the deciding votes in the passage of the 2017 Tax Act, and as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, she has a lot of say in how the country manages its critical energy resources. In the latest edition of our Energy Insider Interview Series, Ed Hild, a principal in Buchanan’s government relations practice in Washington, D.C., spoke to the Senator about her priorities for the coming year and how she feels about standing up to her party and the White House when necessary. Additionally, as Senator Murkowski’s former chief of staff, Ed also used his close relationship with the Senator to ask her about what energy companies should keep in mind when meeting with their representatives about how the government can help their business—something anyone who wants an ear in Washington should want to know.

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